C/Santo Tomás. 3
Tel: 964302704

Tasca specializes in Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, cheeses, little fish and seafood, Iberian pork, tapas cooking, made ​​at the time. Extensive wine list. Open from 18 h. Closed on Sundays.

Av. Ferrandis Salvador 2
Tel: 964300345
9:00–24:00 h

Next to the S.Vicent Tower s.XVI, the Coffee offers from rice to snacks, overlooking the sea and the promenade. Price / quality best of Benicàssim.

Av. Castellón, 62
Tel: 964300014

Choose your favorite pizza, or if you prefer, burgers, pastas and salads. Do not forget to accompany it with drinks and ice cream. Begins to salivate.

Carretera CV-147 · Km 9
Tel: 964300947
9:30 - 23:00

The Desert of the Palms restaurant offers a high quality cuisine and beautiful views of the natural landscape of Desert of the Palms.

C/Barberà Ceprià, 19
Tel: 964912555

TapaSIcopas welcomes you. The restaurant and pub TapaSIcopas is in the center of Benicassim. In our store you can always enjoy some tapas and other seasonal products. Serve with one of our fine wines. Naturally, we also recommend the drinks, in addition to our cocktails. Discover who we are, why we are special and why we feel so comfortable in our stores. We offer much more than a pleasant atmosphere: enjoy our varied cuisine.

C/Santo Tomás, 25
Tel: 670598158

A unique place, a different ambience and excellent service in one of the places with the most personality of Benicassim. Choose from over 200 options, including natural healthy herbal teas, delicious fruit juices made ​​at the time, exclusive cocktails 'made ​​with that unmistakable touch' and, for the most demanding, careful selection of gin tonics and spirits 'premium'.Come and discover a mythical place in the night of Benicassim!

C/ Los Dolores, 4
Tel: 964048872
9 to 1:30

Sunset Café born in June 2014 in Benicasim to offer good times from early in the morning and throughout the day.

Tel: 964394128
8:00 - 01:30

Do not say Fast Food, you must say freshly cooked food. Reference Burgers, with a variety of products and menus. Try our 100% beef burgers, chicken and fish, as well as our sandwiches with freshly baked bread. Combine them with the best chips, tapas and salads. 'Come and enjoy with your children of the Children's Zone'.

C/Estatut, 8
Tel: 644221910

Specializing in high quality fresh products. Hot and cold 'tapas'. Salads and sandwiches with the best meats and vegetables cooked at the moment.

C/La Corte, 27
Tel: 964300649

Villa Colonial, 1880, Site privileged seaside, specialty rices, meats and fish.

C/Secretario Chornet, 25
Tel: 964304838
12:00-17:00,19:00-02:30 (Tue-Thu Only Evening)

Traditional kitchen with products from market with the essence of high quality handicraft products.

Paseo Pérez Bayer, 37
Tel: 650288211
Mo-Thu-Su 7:30-23:00 Fr-Sa 7:30-Close

Coffee and tea in good atmosphere and a varied selection of snacks and tapas.

Pso. Pérez Bayer, 51
Tel: 605307576

Yogurt ice cream, with a wide range of toppings and smoothies.

Av. Ferrandis Salvador, 138
Tel: 964391023
12:00 to 02:30

A special and different place to enjoy memorable evenings and nights. Welcome to wherever you wanted, because now exists. Ummo pure pleasure.

C/Santa Agueda, 9
Tel: 964305559

Created in 1988 La Llar, has continued the tradition of the Mediterranean. Innovating new dishes, fresh and delicious for our customers, but without forgetting their specialty paella, meats and desserts. Specialized in paella over a wood fire with over 25 years experience in catering. No more just wish Enjoy.

Pso. Bernat Artola, 4
Tel: 964300662

In establishments Jota's enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and friendly service.

C/ Josep Barbera i Cepria nº 30
Tel: 964305911
Wed-Sat 12:30 to 1 Sun 12:30 to 16:30

Located in a manor house and in the central area Benicàssim, Restaurant Villa Angelita offers a cozy space with a cuisine based on fresh market product. Our Terrace is the perfect scene for business meals, meet friends and family celebrations. Our team has extensive experience and works hard at take care of every detail to make you feel at home. We have an extensive wine cellar to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Paseo Perez Bayer, 31
Tel: 687566062
Thu-Sun 12:30-16:30 y 19:30-2:30

Benicasim Recomiendo restaurant, a nice place to enjoy good cuisine. Huge parking behind the restaurant.

Av. Ferrandis Salvador,141
Tel: 964394817

Become one of the friendliest places Mediterranean coast, Belumar Complex, offers a variety of rice and fish of the Port of Castellón. Enjoy cocktails in our cafeteria, frankfurt tasty snacks and a variety of small fish in the frying. All accompanied by the sea breeze and a team that strives to satisfy its customers. Free Parking at 20 meters. Visit www.complejobelumar.com on your computer.

C/ Secretario Chornet, 14
Tel: 964301500
Thu-Sun 18-Closing

Belessa is a specialized space to taste exquisite Champagnes, Cava, Wine, Gin & Tonics ... Also have a selection of fresh products designed to taste like oysters, ham, homemade anchovies and unique sandwiches.

C/Mestre Segarra, 5
Tel: 964301954

Homemade 'Tapas' (lifetime), a wide range of wine, cozy atmosphere, innovative design,

Av. Gimeno Tomás S/N
Tel: 964048883
13:00-16:00 and 19:00-2:30

Como antes is a space that connects philosophy and offer of traditional bar-restaurants quality Mediterranean and Valencian with a scene set in own century. Our tapas and sandwiches always coexist with other proposals that add the value added of creativity and constant research for new proposals.

C/Bayer, 102
Tel: 964305860
Thu-Sat 12:30-16:00 Sun 12:30-16:00

Cozy dining space, charming and peaceful terrace situated 200 meters from the dining and entertainment centers. Mediterranean cuisine with suggestions that change daily according to market supply as well as its range of cakes, and interesting wines and drinks served with great care.

C/La Pau, 10
Tel: 964390148

In establishments Jota's enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and friendly service.